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Useful HCWA Resources

Below are some useful resources the Victorian Autism Advisor team have put together to help you learn more about the Helping Children with Autism package and the Autism Advisor service in Victoria. We also give you information on related initiatives that families of young children with ASD might be eligible to receive. We are continually updating this page, so bookmark it and check back regularly!

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AA booklet This booklet is provided to all families who register for the Helping Children with Autism funding. It provides some background into the package, has a guide to therapies, and answers some of your frequently asked questions. We have included some parent stories to hear about your experiences with the funding, and we also explore other initiatives that you are eligible for in addition to the $12,000 funding package. Perhaps most popular is our section on what to do after the funding has finished and what supports are available for families and children.You can view our web version here.
  View our Helping Children with Autism video presentation. This presentation takes you through the package, who is eligible, how to apply and how to access the funding and what to expect of your Autism Advisor. It is suitable for families and professionals to give an overview of the funding. It can also be useful for families as a refresher after they have been using the funding for a while. Click here to jump to the video. Listen to this video in TurkishListen to this video in Vietnamese
 HCWA Plain Language Brochure This is a plain English brochure to explain how to use the funding. It is useful for all families, including those with limited English skills and those who don’t like reading lots and lots of text.Click here to view the brochure.
 TherapyConnect Thumbnail Image TherapyConnect is a resource designed to give you in-depth information about the therapy process so you know what to expect from therapy. It provides information about childhood development to help you direct your child’s therapy needs, as well as strategies to help you get the best outcomes for your child with ASD.Click here launch TherapyConnect.
 List of useful websites We have created a list of useful websites. It provides links to information about the HCWA funding, as well as other related parts of the package, including workshops for parents and carers, workshops for teachers, playgroups for children with ASD, respite options and much more.Click here to view our list of useful websites.
How to use the Provider Panel website is a short video tutorial designed to guide you through finding contact details and price listings for approved providers. The Department of Social Services search feature on their website is also explained.Click here to jump to the video.
Complaints Thumbnail In case you need to make a complaint about the services you have accessed using your HCWA funding, the Advisors have put together an infosheet about complaints.Click here to read the infosheet.



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If information in your language is not above please call the Autism Advisor department on 1300 424 499 and ask for an interpreter.

Helping Children with Autism presentation

Listen to this video in Turkish

Listen to this video in Vietnamese


How to use the Provider Panel website