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Want to improve your autism skills? Try one of our free resources available on the Amaze online learning portal.

Develop a school learning plan for your child, learn parenting tips, get ready for the NDIS and, if you’re a teacher or librarian, find out how to run a children’s story time that caters for sensory sensitivities.














To sign up:


1. Visit


2. Fill out sign-up form 1.










3. Under ’Code’, enter one of the three resource codes below.






Resource Codes:

  • Autism and Learning Plans at School (code: SCHOOL)
  • Parenting Skills Guide for Autistic Parents (code: PARENT)
  • Sensitive Story Time for Librarians (code: STORY)
  • NDIS Readiness (code: NDIS)

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5. The link will take you to sign-up form 2. Fill out sign-up form 2.


6. You will now have access to your selected resource.


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