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About the Autism Spectrum

Autism is a developmental condition which affects the ability of the individual in two main areas:

  • social communication and interaction, and
  • restricted, repetitive patterns of behaviour, interests or activities.

It affects the way that individuals are able to interact with other people, and they may find the world a confusing place.

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Assessment & Diagnosis

Receiving a diagnosis of autism can be a stressful time for families – but sometimes it can come as a relief. In young children, a diagnosis leads to assistance which can dramatically improve their developmental outcomes.

For adults, a diagnosis can help to explain why they feel “different” and allow them to access support and assistance to improve their quality of life.

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Pre-School Years

During the pre-school years, there is much that can be done to provide “early intervention” assistance to enable the child to reach their potential.

Find out more about funded programs, family support, therapies, support groups and more


Starting School – the Primary School Years

Starting school is an exciting, if a little scary time, for all children. For a child on the autism spectrum and their parents, it is very important to prepare for the change and find the best schooling option, and get set up for success.

Find out about schools and how to prepare your child for a major transition


Changing to High School – the Teenage Years

As children grow into teenagers, the challenges differ. Puberty and sexuality are important issues for the teenager on the autism spectrum, as they are for any other teens.

Find out more about the complex teenage years


Leaving School – What’s Next?

This major transitional time for individuals on the autism spectrum opens up questions of where to live and what to do next. It can be a worrying time for the individual as well as for their close family members, but it can also be a time to develop interests and new friends.

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Adults on the Autism Spectrum

Autism is a lifelong condition and adults will continue to have ups and downs, as they go through different stages of their lives.

Where to live and who to live with is a big question for many. Is independent living an option?

For parents of adults, worries about who will look after their son or daughter after they have passed away are of grave concern.

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Online Resources

All of the Information Sheets and other information resources are gathered here so that you can easily access them.

Online Resources

NDIS Readiness Resource

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