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Amaze AGM 2017

The Amaze Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on the evening of November 22 2017, at the Kathleen Syme Community Centre in Carlton.

In 2015 the Amaze Board released its Strategic Plan that outlined 18 KPI’s to be achieved by December 2016. All these 18 KPI’s have been achieved over the two years and Amaze demonstrating significant progress towards achieving its vision for 2040.

During 2015/16 a number of  big achievements were made by Amaze as we continue to work towards greater acceptance, pushing for systemic reform and change and building capacity of autistic Victorians and the wider community. These achievements inlcude:

Hosting the All_In VAC2016 Victorian Autism Conference in September 2016, where 14% of delegates and 25 speakers were autistic. It was the first VAC for autism, rather than about autism.

  • Increasing number positive portrayals of autism in the media, especially around VAC and World Autism awareness day.
  • Commissioning of two world first research studies in March 2017 to measure Community Attitudes and Behaviours Towards Autism and the Experiences of autistic people and their families.
  • The release of the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into ASD Final Report that included all 55 recommendations made by Amaze.
  • Launch of Amaze Forums, Workshops and On-Line training at which autistic people featured as presenters.
  • Increasing our provision of support and information to the autism community through our Autism Information Advisers, Peer Support Groups and Early Days sessions.

2015/16 also saw the departure of Board Directors , Jane Evans, former Chair of Amaze, Ryan Brown and Sandra Jones.

Shannon Eeles, Chair of Amaze acknowledged  the service of Jane Evans over 3 years in her role as Chair, as the driving force in establishing Amaze’s Strategic Directions to 2040 and introducing autistic Board directors and observers to the Amaze board for the first time.

Those vacated Board Director positions were filled by Vic Rajah for the Legal and Governance category and Jason Coonan in the Fundraising category. Nicole Rhinehart was also reappointed for another term in the Research/Clinical category.

The hard work and commitment of the Board of Directors, the Board Members, the Amaze CEO, Management and Staff and volunteers was acknowledged.

To read more about Amazes achievements during 2015/16 you can read the Annual Review here