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About Us

In 1967, a group of parents who were struggling to find autism resources, set up the ‘Victorian Autistic Children’s and Adult’s Association’. It provided a central information source and supported individuals and their families. The organisation was renamed ‘Autism Victoria Inc’ in 1999 and again renamed Amaze in 2013.

Today Amaze is the peak body for people on the autism spectrum and their supporters in Victoria.

Amaze raises awareness and influences positive change for people on the autism spectrum and their families/supporters and provides independent, credible information and resources to individuals, families, professionals, government and the wider community.


Amaze Strategic Statements

Our Social Impact

Amaze aims for a society that:

• Respects the dignity of every person on the autism spectrum; and

• Offers every person on the autism spectrum real opportunities to participate and contribute.


Our Purpose

We want every person on the autism spectrum to have the opportunity to exercise their own choice to participate meaningfully in, and make a valued contribution to, our society.

We build awareness and understanding of autism.

We develop community capacity by working with others to help them value and support people on the autism spectrum and their families.


Our Principles

These principles underpin our decision making and the ways the Amaze board, staff and volunteers approach their work.

  1. Person-centred – We ensure that the voices of people on the autism spectrum, and those that support them, are central to our decision making processes.
  2. Evidence based – We seek data and evidence to underpin decision making and we measure the outcomes of our work wherever possible.
  3. Courage – We do not condone, commit or remain silent about discrimination, stigmatising language or policies used to disadvantage or invalidate the life experience of people on the autism spectrum and we actively work to improve or change negative attitudes and behaviours.
  4. Collaboration – We recognise that we cannot do this work alone so we actively seek people and organisations with whom we collaborate and partner.
  5. Acknowledging and celebrating uniqueness and achievement – We actively seek ways to celebrate and recognise the unique contribution and participation of all people on the autism spectrum.
  6. Excellence and Professionalism – We are committed to delivering superior performance through the highest possible standards of skill, professionalism and integrity and a culture of disciplined people, thought and action. We recognise that organisational sustainability is essential to achieve our purpose.
  7. Independence – We are committed to representing the needs of people on the autism spectrum and their families/supporters in an unbiased, non-aligned manner.


Our Accountability

We are committed to working openly and transparently and hold ourselves accountable to the autism community and wider society.

• People on the Autism Spectrum – individuals, parents and supporters.

• Government: (Commonwealth, State & Local) – politicians and public service officials.

• Institutions: Disability, Education, Health, Criminal Justice, Housing, Transport and Employment; academic research institutions and other autism organisations.

• Journalists, the media, influencers, spokespeople and other ambassadors.

• Professions: GPs and specialist medical practitioners, Teachers, Psychologists and Allied Health professionals.

• Amaze staff and volunteers.



Our Outcomes by 2040

AMAZE Outcomes by 2040 We will measure our progress towards these outcomes:
  1. Community awareness and understanding of autism in Victoria increases over time.
  • An increasing percentage of Victorians understand the key facts about autism.
  1. Attitudes and behaviour towards people on the autism spectrum by the Victorian community (government, private and social sectors) improves over time.
  • An increasing number of institutions build their capabilities to positively engage with people on the autism spectrum.
  • Discrimination decreases.
  1. Opportunities for meaningful participation and valued contribution increase for people on the autism spectrum.
  • Choices and opportunities for people on the autism spectrum are increasing.

Read our full strategic plan – Amaze Strategic Directions to 2040 here 



Activities and Services

  • InfoLine – free phone support for general assistance and advice.
  • Government ‘Helping Children With Autism’ Funding – support and advice in accessing funding for children 0-6 years with a diagnosis of autism.
  • Early Days Workshops – information and education sessions for individuals and families with a recent diagnosis of autism. Dedicated programs for Aboriginal families and non-custodial parents.
  • Amaze Knowledge  – training programs for professionals, businesses and community organisations.
  • Campaigns and Events - Spectrospective: Stories of Autism for World Autism Awareness Day and the Victorian Autism Conference (VAC) – the premier biennial event for the Victorian ASD community.
  • eSpectrum newsletter - free fortnightly online newsletter for the ASD community.
  • Online resources - providing quality support and assistance 24×7 for individuals, families and professionals.
  • Government Advice and Advocacy – working to influence systematic change in priority areas of access to assessment, education, employment and the NDIS.
  • Fundraising – increasing funds so that we can provide more and better services to the ASD community.
  • NDIS readiness – Disability support organisation project.



Professor Margot Prior AO is the Patron of Amaze. She is an internationally acclaimed researcher, teacher and clinician in the field of Autism Spectrum Disorder with many years experience and extensive knowledge of the condition.

Read about Professor Prior


Need Help?

T: 03 9657 1600 (Metro)
T: 1300 308 699 (Regional)


Traditional Owners

Amaze acknowledges the traditional owners of the land where we work and pays respects to elders past and present.