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Amaze Chair handover: Judy Brewer passes role onto Warren Bebbington

Posted on 19 December 2018 under News

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At Amaze’s AGM 2018 in November, Judy Brewer stepped down as Chair of Amaze and the board elected Warren Bebbington as her replacement.

Amaze would like to thank Judy for her time as Chair. It is sad to see her step down. We’d also like to congratulate new Chair, Warren Bebbington. Both are great, passionate leaders, and as sad as we are to see Judy step down, we are comforted to know that Warren will be a terrific replacement.

Judy Brewer’s statement:

“It is with a tinge of sadness, but also joy, that I pass the honour of being the Chair of Amaze to Professor Warren Bebbington, who will lead a very skilled and motivated board, which includes four new directors. I know Warren will continue to work towards Amaze’s aspiration of a genuinely autistic-centred future, and improved lives for all in our community.


“I have loved my time at Amaze, and been inspired by the terrific staff and committed board members and observers. While they do so much with so little in terms of resources, Amaze is also the sum of our community input: we can all give our support in a variety of ways, and I have been delighted to see so many people contributing ideas and time to help shape the future for autism.


“Due to a family illness, I am stepping back for a few months. My association with Amaze goes back many years and, although my time as Chair is over, I look forward to playing a role in this fantastic organisation again soon.


“Thank you all for your support this year—let’s keep the momentum going into 2019.  There is always more to do, and there are some very exciting plans on the drawing board!”


Judy Brewer AO



Warren Bebbington’s statement:

“At the recent Amaze State election forum, I was encouraged to hear Labor representative, Gabrielle Williams (as the Parliamentary Secretary for Disability) commit to full implementation of the 101 recommendations of the recent Parliamentary Inquiry into Services for People with ASD. Now that the Andrews Government has been re-elected, Amaze will continue to work with the government to ensure they deliver on this promise!


“Being a dad of a 15 year-old autistic boy, I know only too well what life for autistic people and their families can be like. Amaze has set out important steps for its work over the next three years to ensure the voices of autistic people and their families are better heard and their needs better met. It has a leading role to play in building public understanding, engagement and acceptance of autism, so that the quality of life and life outcomes for our growing autistic community are the best they can be.


“I would like to thank Judy Brewer for her deeply valued contributions as Chair – she has left a significant legacy in a short time. I am delighted to be able to carry on her work and support Amaze’s important work as the new Board Chair.


Prof Warren Bebbington

Board Chair