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Do One Thing for Autism

Posted on 14 May 2018 under News

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Amaze’s new research shows that while 98% of Australians have heard of autism, only 16% of autistic people and their families believe the public know how autism effects them.

Autistic people and their families want the community to understand six ways that autism affects people:

  1. Difficulties in social situations
  2. Anxiety about unexpected changes
  3. Needing extra time
  4. Sensory sensitivities
  5. Stimming
  6. Meltdowns

Amaze is helping to educate people about the ways they can support someone with autism through a new campaign called Do One Thing for Autism.

We’re asking people to pledge do one simple thing to help create an autism-friendly world and make life a little bit easier for autistic people everywhere. These actions can include:

  • Speaking clearly and directly using plain language – sarcasm and using expressions like “its raining cats and dogs” often causes confusion.
  • Being punctual and not changing plans suddenly
  • Asking questions one at a time and providing information in small chunks.
  • Checking what sensory sensitivities the autistic person may have and making adjustments to the surroundings eg. Lowering lights and volume.

You can read more about these simple changes at and commit to making a change.

Image of Do One Thing For Autism website