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Forget medical drama The Good Doctor – another show delivers TV’s ‘most accurate’ portrayal of autism

Posted on 23 November 2017 under News

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My View: By rising film-maker Scott Day, who is doing student placement at Amaze.

The Good Doctor doesn’t resonate with me specifically as I do not feel it represents me as a person.

Not everyone on the spectrum is a genius with superhuman-like abilities like Shaun Murphy or Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory.

However, Freddie Highmore’s performance may resonate with those who connect with the character. I suppose it’s important to be objective in this respect.

NBC comedy Community resonates with me

Big Bang: has hordes of fans.

The only media representation of autism that has resonated with me strongly is that on NBC comedy Community.

The character Abed is relatable because he features many realistic facets of autism without being written as an autistic character.

In fact, creator Dan Harmon simply based the character on himself and was diagnosed with autism after writing the series.

This is probably why Abed is such a three-dimensional and fleshed out character.

Rather than being written with a particular set of autistic characteristics in mind, his personality is a natural reflection of the show’s creator.

In Community, Abed is a community college student studying film at Greendale Community College.

He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of pop culture and often compares his friends, the characters in the show, to classic sitcom archetypes and the situations in which they find themselves to classic tropes, much to their discomfort.

Dr Murphy: monotone

Abed is important to me because he’s exceptionally intelligent in a few respects, but only in the areas that interest him, which I find incredibly relatable.

In addition, unlike Freddie Highmore’s Shaun Murphy (right), his delivery never seems too monotone or emotionless.

Abed is remarkably human in spite of, or because of, his autistic tendencies and this is why I strongly believe Abed is one of the better representations of autism on television.