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Footy legend who has son on autism spectrum: ‘You wonder if he’ll be with us forever’

Posted on 2 November 2017 under Shop

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Former Wallaby and rugby league star Mat Rogers has opened up about his son Max, who was diagnosed with autism eight years ago.

Rogers has told the Gold Coast Bulletin Max, 11, is “absolutely flying”, is in Year 5 at Miami State School and is “just the most phenomenal kid”.

That said, Rogers is honest enough to admit he has no idea what comes next.

“I do wonder about the future,” he says.

“What will he be like when he’s 15? Will he go to high school in a year and a half? Where? You’re constantly thinking ‘what’s the next step’.

“Then you wonder if he’s going to be with us forever. I’d love for my child to always live with me but God willing he’s going to live longer than me and then what happens?

“At the moment I’m just enjoying the way he’s developing.”

Rogers says of his relationship with wife Chloe: “Many marriages fail these days and they fail a lot more when there is a special-needs child involved _ but I really feel we fell more in love”.