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The incredible story of a little girl and her swim-loving therapy cat

Posted on 16 September 2017 under Shop

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For years, mum Arabella tried to encourage daughter Iris to speak.

It was a tough task. Iris didn’t talk or impart. She kept away from other kids and declined to play with even her parents.

One day, Arabella was doodling on a bit of paper when three-year-old Iris strolled up to her, apparently intrigued by the drawing.

Iris has a talent for painting

Arabella developed a passion for painting, but stayed detached from the world.


Things really changed, however, through pet therapy.

“There are stories that surface every now and then about the brilliant impacts that creatures can have on a kid with autism,” Arabella tells Bored Panda.

Iris showed no interest in horses. She loathed being licked by dogs.

Just when Arabella was about to give up on the pet campaign, she agreed, with reluctance, to pet sit her sibling’s feline while he was away for Christmas.

Iris and pet Thula love having a dip

Seeing Iris bond with the cat shocked her, and she recharged her look for the ideal treatment creature.

When they brought home cat Thula, Iris reacted instantly.

She supported the cat in her arms, stroking her hide and bristles and the pair have become inseparable.

Wherever Iris went, Thula would be there as well. Iris even began to communicate straightforward expressions such as “sit, feline” or “more feline”.

Iris never liked the feeling of water against her skin, until she realised Thula was more than happy to jump into the tub.

On account of Thula, Arabella says, Iris has made amazing progress.