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Does your child on the spectrum wander? Online training

Posted on 7 March 2017 under News

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Amaze, in conjunction with the Department of Education, has launched a free online training module for parents of children who wander.

This training will introduce you to positive behaviour support as a method to manage wandering behaviour.

Wandering behaviour can be a concern. Image: istock

  This on-line course covers:

  • Wandering & behaviours of concern
  • Positive behaviour support
  • How to use positive behaviour support
  • Finding out why your child wanders
  • Restrictive interventions
  • Resources that you can use to find help

After completing the online course, you will have the option to attend one of the six forums being held around Victoria in March and April 2017.

Who is eligible?

Parents, carers, grandparents, step-parent and foster carers, whose:

  • Child is on the autism spectrum and wanders
  • Child is pre-school, primary or high school aged
  • Family lives in Victoria

This online module is self-paced. You can log in and out at any time.

To register in the training go to:

Once you register, click on “Add to Cart” to participate in the course.

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