Amaze New Wandering Resource

Amaze is very proud to release our new resource, Wandering in People on the Autism Spectrum: A best practice guide for those caring for people on the autism spectrum. 
When a person on the autism spectrum has a tendency to wander, this can cause anxiety for families, carers and professionals. Amaze has worked in collaboration with a number of stakeholders to develop an evidence based guide to support caregivers and supporters.

This resource provides families and carers with guidance on why a person on the autism spectrum in their care may wander and looks at some best practice strategies in how to reduce the risk. It also provides information on how to access professional assistance and what to do if someone on the autism spectrum goes missing.
The aim of this resource is reducing and responding to the risk of wandering for people on the autism spectrum. This resource is evidence based, which means the techniques and suggestions it makes have been researched and found to help in cases where people wander.
Caring for a person who wanders (or ‘absconds’, or ‘runs off’) can be difficult, but reading and using this resource may reduce the potential stress of caring for a person on the autism spectrum while keeping them safe.
Thank you to all the organisations and individuals who contributed to the development of this resource.

Download the booklet from our Resources page

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