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2015 Review of the Program for Students with Disabilities

Posted on 2 September 2015 under News

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Have your say! The Governments review of the Program for Students with Disabilities

The Victorian Government is currently reviewing the Program for Students with a Disability (PSD), with looking to see if it is meeting the specific needs of students with autism.

Amaze has been appointed to the Expert Advisory Panel for the review, and has been working to ensure that the specific problems facing students on the autism spectrum in the education system are known and suggestions on how these problems can be fixed. More information on the review is available here.

Amaze is calling on students on the autism spectrum, their families, carers, principals, teachers and disability professionals to contribute to this review – It is vital the Government hear the direct experience of students on the autism spectrum and their families – these stories are extremely powerful and strengthen the need for change.

There are a number of ways that you can have your say in the review:

Telling your story

As part of the review the Government is inviting current and previous students, their family’s carers, principals, teachers and disability professionals to describe their experience with the PSD program, and also suggesting ways that it could be improved.  One or two paragraphs describing you and your child’s experience can be very powerful.

Here are a few questions to consider when responding – but your response can address much more if you want to!

  • What are some of the difficulties that you have faced in the schooling system and how do you think these could be addressed?
  • Did you have any difficulties accessing the PSD program and was the support adequate?
  • What was your experience of the review that occurs in Year 6, to assist with transition into secondary school – and how could this be improved?
  • What supports could help teachers and schools better meet the needs of students with autism?
  • How can the PSD be tracked against the progress made by students on the autism spectrum to make sure they are best supported in schools?

Amaze would also like to receive a copy of your submission, to help us best reflect and understand your experiences – the link below includes a cc to Amaze, but if you don’t feel comfortable in passing on your story you can delete our email address. All submissions will be treated confidentially.

Click here to make a submission now

Online Survey

A second way the Government is seeking your input is by running a survey, hoping to hear from current and previous students, their family’s carers, principals, teachers and disability professionals is a short online survey that will ask for your ideas and suggestions on how the PSD can be improved and strengthen.

To take the survey click here.

Amaze is seeking your input!

Amaze is in the process of writing a formal submission to the PSD review and we are eager to hear your feedback and experiences to strengthen our submission.

As said above – this can just be one or two paragraphs telling us about your experience which can be very powerful or can be more detailed and consider answering the questions above.

Please send us your stories and ideas to or call us on 03 9657 1600 to discuss further.

Amaze can offer some assistance in making a submission, please contact us on details above.

Submissions to the review and the survey close on the 16 October 2015.