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Greensborough Residents – Hoyts brings you sensory-friendly movies

Posted on 11 May 2015 under News

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Hoyts has partnered with Banyule City Council Metro Access to bring sensory-friendly movies to Greensborough. 

Sensory friendly movies this weekendSensory-friendly films are designed for people who have sensory sensitivities, something which often affects people on the autism spectrum.

This will be a ‘trial’ session of Sensory Friendly Films to identify the community need and to determine if this is something that Hoyts Greensborough would like to continue to offer.

To make this screening a  success and to show a genuine need/desire for opportunities like these in the community, please support this event and let your family and friends know about it too.

The more people attending this one, the better!

Sherridan Bourne is the Metro Access Officer at Banyule City Council and she has been the main driving force behind this:

“Please share this opportunity by every means possible with ALL PEOPLE in your networks, friendship circles and anyone you know who may like to take their children on the Autism Spectrum to a cinema movie (possibly for the first time ever!). Email, call, text, FB, newsletter… how ever you can!” Sherridan says.

As this is a trial, tickets will not be available for online purchase, so please follow the instructions in this flyer. If successful, tickets will be available online for future screenings.

Please note that Carer and Companion Cards are accepted, so please advise/show upon purchasing.

Sherridan is also aiming to create a targeted social story, with help from Steph and Sarah from Diamond Valley Special Development School. If you are interested in a copy, please get in touch with Sherridan on 03 9457 9940 Monday to Thursday 8am to 4pm.

Congratulations Sherridan!