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Sovereign Hill – ASD-Friendly Day – This Saturday 28 March

Posted on 23 March 2015 under News

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Experience the magic of Sovereign Hill in a comfortable, non-threatening environment – and receive 10% discount on Family Entry for pre-booked tickets.

A big thank you to all at Sovereign Hill, near Ballarat, for ensuring that people on the autism spectrum are welcomed through their special ASD-friendly day, this Saturday.

Sovereign Hill has put in place a range of processes and procedures to ensure a comfortable and fun day for everyone – see below for details – and on Saturday 28 March they are offering a 10% discount to families for their ASD-friendly day.

Bookings: Phone 03 5337 1124 to make your booking.

Download the Autism-Awareness Day brochure and map.

How does Sovereign Hill ensure it is ASD-friendly?

Social Scripts available on the website: Sovereign Hill’s Social Scripts which have been developed to assist people on the Autism Spectrum to become familiar and comfortable with Sovereign Hill before they visit.

Meet & GreetSovereign Hill offers families with a person on the spectrum to come in via a special gate to avoid crowds, and to receive a wrist band to help staff identify those who may need assistance. There are also special times to meet some of the characters and visit the mine.

Loud Noises: there are quite a few loud noises at Sovereign Hill and if these are a problem, you will find a listing of times and places on the Sovereign Hill website so that you can avoid them and/or be ready for them.

Special Advice: visitors are welcome to bring their own torches for use during mine tours.

Lost parents: if parents get lost, children should tell a costumed member of staff straight away. Staff will assist lost parents by getting them to the Post Office where they will be reunited with their children.

Coach rides: coach rides cannot stop during the trip so it’s a good idea to watch the coach do a few laps first to see if it is something you would like to do.

Quiet Places: there are several areas available to escape to if things get too much.

Group photographs are available at the Red Hill Photographic Rooms. Book a sitting early in the day and on mentioning the Autism-Awareness Day you will receive a 20% discount. Dressing up for photos is optional.

Full details on the Sovereign Hill Website