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Join in the LEGO(R) Road Train Build Record Attempt

By . Posted on 17 November 2011 under News

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Join in the LEGO trailer build record attempt

19-20 November at Scienceworks - trailer build record attempt

This weekend at Scienceworks in Spotswood, the Melbourne LEGO (R) Users Group in conjunction with ASD Aid, are putting on a world record attempt – to build the longest LEGO road train in the world, to be pulled along by LEGO prime movers!

Everyone can join in – there is no cost for this activity and entrance to Scienceworks is free for age 3 to 16. (Adults pay $10 to enter Scienceworks.)

For individuals with an ASD, a quiet area is being provided near to but separate from the main LEGO building area if required.

This will be a fun activity for anyone who likes playing with LEGO - of any age. There is a mountain of LEGO available and once you’ve built a trailer for the road train, have fun building cargo to go in it.

Come along any time Saturday and Sunday for a go at the world record!