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Autism Victoria Consultant List

By . Posted on 1 July 2011 under News

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The organisation is seeking expressions of interest from parties who are willing to offer specialist knowledge or advice in their area of expertise, as an additional resource to the Board of Governance.

Over the past 3 years, the organisation has experienced exceptional growth both in staffing and in the services and supports we are now offering to the ASD community.

The Board of Governance recognises that although it is a skills-based board, it is not possible to include all skills areas in a nine member Board. They believe it would be a great asset to be able to draw on a broad range of knowledge and skills to provide additional or specialist knowledge and guidance on a range of issues outside the expertise of the Board and staff. This may include legal, housing, finance, governance, evidence-based interventions, research, media/marketing etc.

For example, the Board may seek advice from the List of Consultants on a legal matter, commercial property dealings, advice regarding new treatments being promoted to families, or any other matter of importance to the organisation.

It is not intended that the consultant roles will demand a large amount of time or other commitment.
The Board is extending an invitation to supporters of Autism Victoria to nominate as consultants.

Please complete the consultant form to apply